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The Department of Advanced Technologies offers three Bachelor of Science degrees: Applied Science, Computer Networking and Information Technology, and Robotics and Automation. The unique nature of technology in all disciplines permits hybrid customized curricula with multidisciplinary foci to address student needs and aspirations.

The department also offers a Master of Science degree in Workforce Education Leadership and a transfer program in Pre-Engineering. Students interested in working within the field of Advanced Technologies should consider the options available from the department.


The department has several scholarships and awards to support students. These include Diversity Scholarship from the Ayers Settlement, Entergy Scholarships, and the Department of Homeland Security Scholarships. In addition, the department has significant amounts of grant funds from several federal departments including the Department of Defense (DOD), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Labor (DOL), and the Air force dedicated to support students in the diverse areas. Students are exposed pre-employment training in Engineering, Research, Computer Skills development and Technology through the Department of Advanced Technologies’ institute, Systems Research Institute (SRI) and the Center for Energy Research and Development (CERD). Students may also benefit from internships and by working with research laboratories in SRI.

Online Courses Policy

Classes are taught to two primary audiences: students on campus and in residence and students off campus and not in residence. Classes are taught in the traditional class room setting and simultaneously made available live and/or recorded over the internet for students who cannot be in the traditional setting. Approval to enroll in online courses can be obtained from the department.

All students are required to take and pass an exit exam in all the areas of study before graduation.


Current programs in the Department of Advanced Technologies include:

  • Applied Science
  • Computer Networking and Information Technology (CNIT)
  • Robotics and Automation Technology
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Masters of Science degree in Applied Science and Technology
  • Master of Science degree in Workforce Education Leadership